Frequently Asked Questions

Are we licensed?

Central Plumbing and Heating is fully licensed in plumbing, heating, and gas fitting. All of our certifications are as follows:

  • Fully licensed
  • WSIB Coverage
  • Liability insurance covered
  • Bonded
  • Man Lift Certified
  • Confined space trained and certified
  • TSSA approved

All of our licenses and certifications are valid in Ontario including our service area od Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and St. Catharine’s.

Do you have free estimates?

Yes! We are a call away from an estimate. In some cases a technician will need to go on site in order to give you the most accurate estimate. In other cases estimate can be given over the phone or email.

If I buy the material can you install it?

We can install any products or material that you purchase yourself. But it is suggested that our technicians supply the material because we know what is available. We will choose the best possible material and products to fit your needs and your current plumbing/heating needs.

Why is my water pressure bad?

This is a very common problem and the causes of this problem can vary. Things as small as a bad water fixture to larger issues such as water pipe size can cause you to have bad water pressure. There is a solution no matter what your problem is. In most cases a technician will have to visit the site to assess the problem first hand.

Why is there a sewer smell?

Sewer smell is toxic and needs to be address quickly. Like most plumbing problems the reasons can differ. Things such as collapsed piping to improper position of a p trap. Like most plumbing issues they are not visible, therefore it is suggested to have a technician to come and investigate.

Why is my water rusty?

Usually old galvanized piping that has been worn out over time causes this. We suggest that your galvanized piping be replaced with high quality plastic or copper piping to eliminate this issue.