Natural Gas & Propane

Professional Natural Gas & Propane Services for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Areas

Central Plumbing & Heating is fully insured and licensed for the handling, service, and installation of all Natural Gas and Propane products. For over 60 years, we have been a leader in Natural Gas and Propane services in the Hamilton, Halton, and Niagara regions. Whether it be a Residential, Commercial, or Industrial setting, we can satisfy all of your natural gas and propane needs by providing high quality and efficient work. Safety is our primary concern, which encourages us to stay up to date with all of the most current codes and standards for natural gas and propane work. All of Central Plumbing & Heating’s technicians are TSSA certified and are trained on a monthly basis.

TSSA Certified

Residential Services

Residential Natural Gas & Propane Services

Central Plumbing & Heating will do any gas work within your home. Design, installation, service, and repair of all residential gas lines can be completed. Anything from gas ranges, dryer installation, boilers, water heaters, and hookup to natural gas BBQ’s in the back yard. Our certified technicians will create an efficient and safe environment in your home while still allowing you to benefit from the comfort and quality of natural gas heating.

Commercial Services

Commercial Natural Gas & Propane Services

As a commercial business, all of your natural gas and propane needs will be taken care of by our certified technicians. Installation piping, testing, welding, service, and repair of all natural gas piping with an unmatched quality are always offered by Central Plumbing & Heating. We will also complete all of the necessary gas water heater and boiler work at your commercial location. Central’s specialty commercial gas design service is also offered to all commercial businesses.

Industrial Services

Industrial Natural Gas & Propane Services

Central Plumbing & Heating offers installation piping, testing, welding, and repair services for all natural gas products within an industrial setting. Machinery hookup, installation, service, and repair will be completed in an efficient and safe manner, allowing you to get the most out of your natural gas fired machinery and equipment as soon as possible.