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The Plumbing and Heating Scene in Hamilton

Central Plumbing and Heating has been servicing Hamilton, Halton and Niagara for so many years, we know it like the back of our hand. But this doesn’t mean that we never encounter anything new, quite the opposite actually. Plumbing and Heating in the Hamilton area is very unique when compared to other areas such as Oakville due to the age and landscape. Older homes and commercial buildings have been around for decades when plumbing and heating was very different than what it is today. Residential plumbing and heating in newer subdivisions seems to be predicable and relatively “easy” (for a lack of better word) when compared to the aged and character homes of the Hamilton area. The older homes bring challenges and adventures for the technicians at Central Plumbing and Heating that we live for. When investigating homes it is like a puzzle to find drain lines and a plan of attack to determine solutions to your plumbing problems. But with this said we always find a way, where many other cannot. Our experience in the Hamilton, Halton and Niagara heating and plumbing scene has given us the know how to better predict solutions for your problems. For this reason we consider ourselves experts in this area, we hope you can throw a challenge at us so we can prove to you that we are truly the best. Never hesitate to call Central Plumbing and Heating @ (905) 527 – 2406 for any and all plumbing and heating needs in the Hamilton, Halton, and Niagara regions. 

Is “Good Enough” A Saying To Live By?

Dad you’re getting old! “Experienced” my dad would reply as I always bug him about his increasing age. My name is Kyle Aquin, I am a 3rd generation Central employee currently living in Rochester New York completing my university degree. My younger brother Alex and myself have been working with Central and my dad for as long as we can remember. Whether it was coming back from a hockey game and having to stop to complete an emergency job or a summer job working as a helper with one of the employees. Central Plumbing & Heating has always been apart of my family and instilled values that I live by today.

One of the biggest lessons that has impacted my 24 year old life is something my dad “Dave” (the owner of the company) instilled in me. I remember when I was 10 years old, I was sand clothing a piece of copper pipe and handed it to my dad as we do often during the soldering process. He asked me as I passed it to him, “did you clean it” my response was “ Ya, its good enough”. This is when my dad put down the torch and looked at me and said, “if you live your life saying it’s good enough, you will get no where”. From that point on the phrase is always in my mind, perfection is hard to achieve but the more you try and achieve perfection the better your work, and you as a person will become.

This was a testament to Central Plumbing & Heating the value it holds and the value it’s employees hold. We at Central do things right the first time and quality is at the for-front of our work. Our customers are our lifeblood, and we need to take care of them in order to take care of our family. Good enough is not something Central does; we are a family run business that provides GREAT service every time we do a job. We have been doing great work for over 60 years in the Hamilton, Halton and Niagara area and we will continue to do great work as long as our family continues the business. Call Central Plumbing & Heating today to experience our fantastic work, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Call Central Today (905) 527 -2406 “One Call Does It All”

See you soon,

Kyle Aquin